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About Daniela

Hello, I am Daniela and I am an Emotional Eating Coach, which means I am supporting very busy people learn how finding sustainable balance in their lives may come through finding peace with food and the underlying emotions.

I am trained as a Health coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York. I am also trained to deal with parental burnout, a condition that prevents parents fulfil their potential and connect meaningfully with their children.

I help my clients understand why their past restrictive diets did not work and the myths behind them, what factors influence the way they eat, and how these factors get in a configuration that prevents tangible, sustainable change.

I offer a 6-month habit- and life-changing individual program, 6-week group coaching program to start-up the change and a number of punctual workshops (sessions may be hold presential and online).

The journey is incredibly vast and varied, as we are mapping the secret links between the eating habits, other similarly-structured habits like procrastination, spending idle time on internet, for example, on facebook, feel-good shopping, perfectionism or limiting beliefs.

The results are humbling – I see my clients achieving sustainable weight loss, improved self-confidence, but also better health, better relationship and an improved quality of life. This includes quality sleep and digestive comfort. And, most important, overall, an improved sense of being in control on what is important for them.

One other thing I would like you to know about me is that I love animals and I am an animal rights activist, I love dogs and I share my life also with some incredible Zen masters aka cats.

I work in English, French, Spanish and Romanian.

  • Belgium
  • IIN / Emotional Eating coach (ongoing, graduation in November 2022)
  • IIN - Health Coach
  • Institute Elan Vital, Coaching School, Brussels, Belgium
Who I Help
  • entrepreneurs
  • parents in parental burnout
  • women entrepreneurs
  • Young mothers
  • young professionals