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Judith Rayner

Using the power of walking to unlock your potential in life and business


About Judith


I'm Judith from south east UK and am a long standing, slightly rebellious coach and mentor for women who want success but done their way!

You'll find me out walking in nature, dancing or on my continuous learning journey of life and business - all of which I bring to the table working with brilliant women doing what they love and growing a sustainable, gorgeous business.

Introducing walking and nature into my coaching some 8+years ago has been a game changer for me and my clients as they find new ways to work and be, tap into their inner strengths, their wisdom and gain transformational insight!

FREEDOM and flexibility are two of my biggest values and if that's you too, you'll love this new and expansive way we can work together, using a simple walkie talkie app that let's you get on with life while also taking big steps forward on a problem, issue or IDEA! Check out Day of Voxer on my site.

No cookie cutters here, no 'six steps to...', just straight talking, insightful questioning, massive support, experience and knowledge offered generously to create clarity with calm confident action.


  • United Kingdom
Who I Help
  • Female business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs