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About Lauren

Coaching is balance for me, not my livelihood. I coach as part of my larger career as full time college faculty in prison; this is not my full time job. Prison teaching and coaching is full of rewards and unique celebrations, but equally fraught with barriers - even for teachers and staff. I only work with clients who feel I am the perfect fit. I am not here to sell you on a bad match.

I am authentic. I am not a salesperson. I am flawed. I am still learning. I have debt, problems, and setbacks, just like you. However, I am proud, confident, motivated, and healthy. I want that for my clients, and I am very good at getting them there! If I am not the best fit for your needs, I will refer you to a better, more suitable coach.

My clients get my network! I work with fitness and nutrition experts, academic advisors, therapists, real estate agents, performers, metaphysical experts, and doctors - and we work together to address the holistic needs of our clients!

I am flexible. The format in which I work with clients is client-driven. You decide the structure and format, and I will adjust (unless structure is what you struggle with, in which case I will suggest strategies to proceed!)

I have unmatched experience. With a Masters in Adult Education and a pending Doctorate in Innovation & Leadership Education (in 2025), I have an academic background that sets me apart. More importantly however, I have traveled the world, been married and divorced, and did not find my path until I was about 30. No other life coach out there has taught motorcycle driver's education, bartended, and mountain biked in Laos. I have lived, and continue to live, an interesting, unfettered and adventurous life, which has also included self-doubt, uncertainly, career confusion, anxiety, poverty, risky behavior, and overall instability. If you struggle with these things, not only can I relate to you, but I will work with you without judgement.

I do not give up. Many students and clients struggle with commitment, motivation, discipline, anxiety, doubt, and self-esteem. These factors often lead to setbacks and a lack of follow-through -- which is why they like working with me. I will not give up on you, and I will hold you accountable so that you meet your goals.

I am thrilled to apply my decade+ of teaching and tutoring experience to help more adults thrive rather than survive, set and reach goals, and reach their full potential. Specific strengths: fitness, careers, goal setting, confidence, academics, strength-based approaches, financial wellness, work/life balance.

  • Washington, United States
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Masters Degree in Adult Education
Who I Help
  • Adults
  • Men
  • Parents
  • Students
  • Women