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Sophy Dale

I help you put your secret sauce into words so people finally ‘get’ the real value of your work


About Sophy

When clients come to me they often say things like:

“I can’t charge what I’m worth because I can’t show how I’m different.”
“I’m sick of feeling like I have to convince people to buy from me.”
“I feel like I’m screaming into the void of the internet every day and still getting drowned out in the noise.”
“It feels like other people with my experience get offered exciting opportunities to do podcast interviews or keynote speeches and I don’t. I want to stop being passed over”

I can help.


I help you uncover your stories so you can see your real strengths in action. We’ll distill everything that makes you uniquely awesome into words, so that people immediately ‘get’ the real value of what you do and are excited to learn more.


“Sophy helps people succeed by being more of themselves. Working with her was like a huge boost of confidence. She’s one of the most supportive and affirming coaches I’ve worked with.”
Michelle Ayn Tessensohn | Master Coach

“Today I celebrate. I am almost a fully booked 1:1 coach. All of this happened within 2 months of working with you. You were a huge part in my success. The work we did together to narrow my niche and create the copy for my website was instrumental.

It also helped me "get my head on straight" so I was clear about exactly how I help my clients. It empowered me to pass on opportunities that didn't align, instead of going down every rabbit hole.

It also helped me verbally express my services and deliverables. My confidence in my ability to have a sustainable business is solid now.”
Gretchen Hernandez | Business & Mindset Coach

  • United Kingdom
  • Certified Relational Dynamic Coach (2009)
Who I Help
  • Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants and Small Business Owners