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Sophy Dale

I help you get your book out of your head and into the world


About Sophy

You know that writing a book would be a game-changer, for you, for the business or movement you want to keep building, and for the people you want to reach with your message - but you feel stuck.

- Writing keeps getting pushed off your to-do list by stuff that feels more urgent.
- A book is such a big project - where do you even start?
- Everything you want to write has already been written about.
- Who are you to write a book anyway?
- Every time you try to build a regular writing habit it just fizzles out.
- You don't know whether you have a big enough audience for a book

I can help you get a strategy in place so you can write the book that will transform your life and the lives of your readers.


✔️ help you see the heart of the book that only you can write
✔️ help you see how this book will allow you to grow your business or movement
✔️ hold your hand through the pitching and launching process
✔️ create a strategy for you to land a book deal or build an audience for your self-published book


Publishing your book opens so many doors for you. If you're at the right stage for it, becoming a published author can lead to the next level - you can:

❇️ increase your impact
❇️ share your message with the world
❇️ reach more people
❇️ demonstrate your expertise
❇️ create your legacy


I combine my experience as an editor, as an accredited coach, and as an entrepreneur myself. I've worked for book festivals and have run the BBC National Short Story Award. Overall I've worked in the books industry for more than two decades (with Margaret Atwood and other Booker Prize shortlisted authors) but my heart is with debut writers and entrepreneurs.


“I wrote my book! Sophy helped me get clear on my concept and proposal while the accountability of a small, intimate group kept me going.” - Yarrow Magdalena

“Working with Sophy was a privilege and a pleasure. She kept me on track with deadlines, all the while supporting me with clarity, empathy and depth of experience. During the six months I worked with Sophy I wrote the first draft of a book which has now been published.” - Leonie Charlton

  • United Kingdom
  • Certified Relational Dynamic Coach (2009)
Who I Help
  • Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants and Small Business Owners