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About Janice

Living your best life, starts with you knowing who you are in Christ
As a conversationalist and Christian life coach, I have a desire is to facilitate the bridge that brings God’s people into their God given identity and destiny!

I said YES to the call when I realized that I spent my life without measure into things and situations that did not serve my God-given destiny. Which caused me to live an unfulfilled life, and out of alignment to God’s will for my life.

Having experienced my own transformative journey I've found that you're not living your best life until you meet up with God's purpose, for your life!

I am so thankful that despite the errors of our past, He has an amazing way of working things together for our good and aligning us with His blueprint for our lives.
When we surrender to His will and process, He can make all things beautiful in His time.
For His Kingdom purposes. Which is true privilege.

As your Life Coach I would like to help you rediscover your purpose as a Creation of the Most High God. God uses my gift of "word of knowledge" to help His people glean insight into the truth of His Word. Shifting your focus to see God's unique plan for your life.
Allowing God and break your limiting beliefs to discover your God-given potential and LIVE.

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Who I Help
  • Christians
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Single Moms
  • Teenagers
  • Woman
  • Woman in Leadership
  • Woman who expressed Trauma
  • Woman who feels hopeless
  • Young Adults