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Tammy Shweiger CPA

Plant the Seeds of Financial Wellness


About Tammy

As a Mindful Money Coach I take a holistic approach to personal finance, bringing mindfulness and personal finance together. Money is deeply emotional. Most of the financial choices you make, especially the ones that aren't serving you, are coming from patterns you probably aren't aware of.

That's where I come in! As your guide and your accountability partner I will help you understand your past, and change your behavior.

I can help you:
-Let go of bad habits and replace them with mindful money skills.
-Make purchases thoughtfully and with intention.
-Achieve alignment between your values, your joy, and your money.
-Make peace with your money past and manifest who you want to become.
-Create and maintain your budget as you set your foundation for financial peace of mind.
-Calculate your net worth.
-Create and achieve your financial goals.
-Develop debt pay off strategies.
-Save for the future.

Financial wellness means something different to each of us. Together, we will uncover what truly matters to you, so you can build your financial goals around your unique values.

I used to be an auditor and then a corporate accountant. I was lacking purpose and passion in my work, so I left the field without knowing what my next step would be. I started doing a lot more yoga and decided to become a yoga teacher. From deepening my yoga practice I found balance, strength, and peace— inside and out. The pieces started falling into place and I found my calling.

With me as your money coach, you will benefit from the practical accounting knowledge I acquired through a decade of technical experience, and my time as a yoga and meditation teacher.

I would love to meet you, and learn more about how I can help you on your financial wellness journey. I work with individual clients and couples. Book a free consultation with me today!

  • Connecticut, United States
  • Certified Money Coach
  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Registered Yoga Teacher
Who I Help
  • I help women gain control over their money