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Dr. Constantino Mosqueda

As a Psychologist I engage with individuals using Cognitive Behavioral Coaching. This approach focuses on improving one's self-awareness, confidence, emotions and other areas needed to find balance.


About Dr. Constantino

I have a Doctor in Psychology (PsyD) and I am Certified as a Cognitive Behavioral Coach (CBC).

As a life coach I can assist you with creating a unique plan to empower the you in making personal and professional changes that will help you grow and increase your happiness.

Utilizing the principles and objectives of CBC I can assist you in overcoming challenges or obstacles and make positive life adjustments to help you find meaning in your life.

By empowering you to take action in developing the skills and strategies you'll need to succeed and to find fulfillment in your life by implementing the CBC model.

The Cognitive Behavioral Coaching (CBC) model focuses on changing a client’s behavior or habits to align with their goals, by helping clients manage their thoughts and emotions.

The Cognitive Behavioral Coaching (CBC) 7-step model.

The client identifies their issue or concern what they would like to change.

The client formulates what they want to achieve by setting a goal that is specific to their needs.

The coach and client think of alternative ways or solutions to achieve their goals.

The coach and client identify the positives and negatives from their solutions.

The coach guides the client in developing the skills necessary in making an appropriate decision.

Clients implement cognitive techniques in modifying thoughts or behaviors as they proceed.

The coach and client review and adjust goals where needed to ensure success.

  • New Jersey, United States