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Efie Vogel

Midlife can and should be your prime years in life. You can make it happen turn midlife into an elite experience


About Efie

I offer my services to stand beside and assist midlife men and women that hit a wall when reaching midlife.

→ Although leading a considerably successful life you still feel burnt out?
→ Or maybe the opposite, you feel that when reflecting back on your life, you identify yourself as an underachiever?
→ How often do you lose patience for those who are essential to your life?
→ Are external changes in your life negatively impacting life?
→ Do you feel confused about how to spend your leisure time?
→ Do you occasionally feel unexplained sadness, regret, restlessness, irritability, impulsive and indulgent behavior, or changes in your ambition?

Together we will discover the main barriers hindering your midlife experience, and find ways to remove them. Discover strategies for sparking up life, making midlife the prime years of your life.

All that is necessary is to reevaluate your present mindset and approach.

I myself had to ruff journey entering midlife. After working for almost three decades as an accountant and a CFO, I felt unaccomplished, and my motivation was extinguished. It seemed to me that I was failing to live up to my expectation of myself, and my life experience was becoming monotonous. I left my job which was the source of my despair and tried to find out how to lift up myself and return liveliness to my daily routine.

I noticed that the topic of midlife is a neglected field. Even the academic discipline can't agree on the existence of fundamental midlife traits, therefore creating a methodology on how to deal with midlife challenged me and made me committed to completing composing a system and method for assisting middle-aged people, I was motivated to identify midlife unique issues, and to evolve approaches that can turn disadvantages into advantages.

I devoted years of research and development methods that allow you to unlock midlife weights, and that can set you free to enjoy midlife opportunities.
(Certified coach from ELC)

  • Israel
  • Certified Life coach
Who I Help
  • Men or women ages between 40 to 50 feeling uncertainty about life's direction
  • Midlife men or women that feel being underachieving throughout life
  • Midlife Men or women that feel successful but still dissatisfied