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About Phyllis

Reflecting on my work life, I value others' success. I naturally lead through service. This has benefited me in life. After 15 years in management, I switched to teaching. This was my job for nearly 20 years. Because teaching is so versatile, it's allowed me to coach others full-time while pursuing a doctorate in education, a programme in which I'm in my second year.

As a manager, I honed my leadership skills, which led me to become a leadership coach. I wish to develop other leaders. I offer executive coaching because I can help people grow and develop effectively. In the past 20 years, I've worked as a lecturer, director of curriculum innovation, academic manager, and in other academic positions in the UK and other countries. I have a bachelor's, post-graduate teaching certificate, and master's in education and technology, plus a level 7 coaching and mentoring credential. Since 2003, I've coached and mentored. Because I know how difficult teaching can be, I enjoy helping my peers. I've also mentored at-risk youth as a career coach.

  • United Kingdom