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About Cole

I am a contrarian at heart and feel that the most value we can find in life comes from the roads less traveled and the people who travel them regularly. We have a lot more control of our lives than we are led to believe and with the right mindset, we will achieve a lot.

I am not a Certified Life Coach. The contrarian in me has issue with gate keepers and title providers... especially when there is money involved. I like to consider myself a Life Advisor. I have trained a lot of military personnel (US and foreign nations), business analysts and intelligence community analysts. It was through these experiences on a technical and skill level that conversations blossomed and I realized that I knew a lot of other things that I was able to assist people with outside of what I was instructing at the time. Additionally, as a Non-Commissioned Officer with many combat deployments, you become a personal mentor as well a boss. Managing your people's personal issues while thousands of miles away from home and keeping them "in the game" takes a serious level of personal connection and understanding.

Currently, I own a few million dollar companies and speak on a personal level with several CEOs and Presidents of other companies. I often give them advice when they ask and sometimes unsolicited when I find something that could help them. I have experience in both business acquisition and start ups.

I am here to help you with the lessons learned from my very unconventional life to this point. Let's have a quick conversation to see if we click and make a plan to achieve your goals.

My life advising package includes three sessions for $600, providing you with the support, guidance, and accountability you need to achieve your goals and make positive changes in your personal and professional life. I will help you clarify your goals and values, improve your communication and decision-making skills, and increase your confidence and productivity. Take the first step towards a happier and more fulfilling life with my life advising package.

  • Arizona, United States
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