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Jay Morjaria

Remove teenage worries, unleash adult potential! || Learn the life skills that really matter


About Jay

Hi, I'm Jay, it's great to meet you!

I have completed over 150 hours of coaching training, enough that I'm qualified to coach big and small kids alike but that's only half the story.

A lady was in a car crash, a bad one, which isn't unique but her injuries were.

The windscreen shattered moments before her head went through it and in the hospital, this required doctors pulling hundreds of micro-shards of glass that had become embedded in her skull from the impact.

She survived just fine, not pain-free but she was ok to continue her life.

What was interesting though, were the shards of glass.

One day she might be combing her hair or towelling it after swimming, and she would find tiny particles of the shattered window that were, over time, dislodging from her scalp.

When I was 16, I developed a chronic pain response, which started off as muscular tension in my scalp and quickly spread over my body.

I spent nearly 20 years on a path of discovery to remove the trauma that caused it.

Whether it was reading self-help books on my lunch break, attending seminars with wellbeing experts or training as a wellbeing professional.

Every part of this journey allowed me to remove my own shards of glass, so that I could feel whole again.

I sometimes look back on that 16-year-old me and tell him everything is going to be just fine.

Not easy, but he'll get through it all. 

I've worked with:

- Year 10 and 11 (15-16 year old) students at The Langley Academy in Slough
- Mentoring and interviewing college students (17-18 years old) at Wyggeston and Queen Elizabeth College in Leicester
- Football coaching 8-11 year olds for three seasons at GNG FC

I can help your teenager with specific challenges like:

- Confidence
- Personal development
- Career coaching
- Anxiety and stress management

Also, I light up when I get to help your child develop life skills, because this is the 'secret sauce' that will make a difference with school AND their overall life, it will make them whole too.

Young people I've worked with say:

“I’ve never thought so deeply about my future before”
(Tim, 15)


“Coaching with Jay was really fun”
(Alfie, 17)

And you can ask me for more references if needed!

In fact, you can ask any questions you have when we speak, book a chat with me now.

  • United Kingdom
  • Clean Coaching Diploma
  • MOE Certificate in Coaching
  • NLP Practitioner
Who I Help
  • parents
  • teenagers
  • young adults