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Bikram Gupta Sarma

Technology leaders .. go from where you are to where to want to be!


About Bikram

Bikram specializes in working with executive leaders in technology. He has three and a half decades of experience, from building startups to mid sized businesses to working in a large Fortune 100 company. He has held executive leadership positions in software engineering, product management and operations working with customers across multiple disciplines. He is equally at ease bootstrapping as well as managing large 3000 person teams.

Bikram started his professional career just as personal computers were emerging for the mass market. 64KB (Kilo bytes) of memory was considered a luxury. From writing driver code for microprocessors and building mission critical systems, Bikram went on to enterprise software and drove and managed platform and systems engineering at Oracle as Vice President for multiple products. He also worked in a General Management role of Global Operations leading teams in 6 countries across multiple business units.

Recently, as technology continues to change, Bikram helped create cloud based systems and transform business models from traditional software licensing to recurring revenue subscriptions. He also managed engineering teams developing for embedded, Internet of Things (IoT) and Data Integration solutions.

Bikram has founded multiple companies and has a BS in Electronics Engineering and MS in Mathematics. He is certified and accredited as an Executive coach, an Emotional Intelligence Practitioner and an Advanced Project/Program Manager. A continuous learner he likes to keep in sync with leading and bleeding edge of technology.

  • Texas, United States
  • Certified Executive Coach
  • Genos Certified Emotional Intelligence Practioner
  • ICF ACC Credential
Who I Help
  • Companies looking for Growth
  • EI for Technology teams
  • Technology leaders
  • Technology startups