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Umar Rashid

Empower YOU. Concrete, Measurable, Results Driven Personal Transformation and Executive Coaching for individuals & Corporate leaders who want help in their personal & professional lives.


About Umar

Umar Rashid is a versatile coach with qualifications as a certified NLP Practitioner, NLP Business Practitioner, NLP & Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, Life Coach, John Gottman Certified Emotions Coach, Micro Expressions practitioner, Reiki Master, and an approved Add Heart Facilitator. He has diplomas in Positive Psychology, Mindfulness and has completed the Photoreading whole mind system training. He has extensive coaching experience having coached adults, children, members of the U.S. military & NYC police department, Psychotherapists, Psychologists, Counsellors, Doctors, charities, startups, SME’s and fortune 500 companies including Reebok in Boston USA. Umar worked directly with Reebok on their BOKS kids program where he completed a 6-month long collaborative research project to help them improve BOKs program implementation in 5200 schools worldwide.

He is the founder of Omirakai Consulting and has been involved in the coaching and personal development industry since he was 17 years old when he qualified as an NLP Practitioner, training with one of the co-founders of the field, Dr Richard Bandler, along with Paul Mckenna and Michael Breen. Umar continued his studies training with Robert Dilts, a pioneer in the NLP field, at PPD in London and thereafter spent time interviewing the late Diana Beaver, another NLP trainer and author of several books in the field in the Cotswolds to further his training.

At 19 he went on to train under Paul Scheele in Photoreading exposing his mind to the field of accelerated learning. At the same training, whilst having dinner with Paul Scheele one evening, he was introduced to the field of energy work leading him to go on to train to become a Reiki Master which he utilised with clients at a complementary health clinic in Sheffield and has also spent time working with physicians and nurses at the city’s Hallamshire hospital. While studying anthropology overseas he spent time living in a forest temple with three Thai forest Buddhist monks for three weeks furthering his mediation practice whilst engaged in research for his final thesis through interviews with the monks about their practices & belief systems.

Umar currently resides in Sheffield in the UK where he enjoys spending his time engaged in NLP research, learning new skills and seeing clients.

  • United Kingdom
  • Approved Add Heart® Facilitator, HeartMath Institute 2019
  • Certificate in Personal Coaching, Coaching Academy 2007
  • Certified Micro Expressions Practitioner, Centre for Body Language 2019
  • Certified NLP Practitioner (ABNLP Assoc.), NLPIncorporated 2019
  • Identity and Evolutionary Change (Robert Dilts) 1999
  • John Gottman Certified Emotion Coach 2018
  • Licensed Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Richard Bandler) 1997
  • Life Coaching Diploma (CPD Certified), New Skills Academy 2019
  • Mindfulness Diploma (CPD Certified/CMA Registered), New Skills Academy 2019
  • NLP Business Practitioner Coach (IANLPC approved)
  • NLP & Emotional intelligence Practitioner (IANLP Approved)
  • Photoreading, Learning Strategies Coorporation/Paul Scheele 1999
  • Positive Psychology Diploma (Level 3 Distinction/IAHT Assoc/CPD Certified)
Who I Help
  • Individuals and Executives who want help in their personal & professional lives.