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Melissa Bishop



About Melissa

For a lot of women, being an executive feels like survival rather than living. I was there on the hamster wheel of striving to reach my goals, working countless hours and still feeling anxious that I wasn’t good enough. The career I had dreamed of building just wasn’t turning out to be what I wanted it to be. After almost burning out, I realized I had to make a change.

It was during my Sunday night routine. I always worked Sunday evenings getting ready for the week, to be sure I had not missed any tasks and all my emails had been returned. It was then that I was hit with a reality I had been avoiding: this wasn’t the life I wanted to live. Sure, I had a good job, but I wouldn’t have described my life as fulfilling or as anything special. And even if I did, I wouldn’t have time to enjoy it. My entire life was centered around my job and the constant anxiety, self-doubt, and fear that went with it. I was tired of being successful on the outside, but inside feeling stuck, lonely, and sad. Honestly, I was no longer willing to go through the motions of what I “should” be achieving.

I decided to set myself up for success. Through a process of self-discovery, trial and error, and incredible coaching, I unlocked a version of myself that I knew was inside, but never knew how to access. When I did, things were never the same. Step by step I built the life I once imagined, a life full of celebrating my success and excitement to love my work and have joy in my personal life. I became the best version of myself, and dedicated the rest of my life to showing others how it was done.

Guiding you from Fed Up to On Fire

From my experience, I’ve created a step-by-step program to help professional women turn their business & personal lives around. So much more than just a course, I’ve turned my program into a hands on, one-on-one, personal and private coaching program where I guide you through every step of the path. Together we’ll tackle stress management, imposter syndrome, boundary setting, negotiation skills, knowing your worth and much more. At the end of our three-month journey, you’ll have the skills you need to succeed in business for years to come.

  • Delaware, United States