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Claire Bankole

Helping you take the brave steps towards lasting change.


About Claire

Hi, my name is Claire and I'm so pleased to make your acquaintance. I am the CEO of a small youth and community charity (I've been a full time volunteer in the not for profit sector for more than 20 years now!), and I am also a coach. I'll share more about myself later...

I provide both leadership coaching and life coaching.

I work with any leader who is committed to their own growth for the sake of those they lead and impact, but I have a particular interest in supporting leaders of community facing organisations or teams (including but not limited to: schools, youth organisations, not for profits, community organisations, health care providers, council departments, churches, mission organisations and missionaries).

In Leadership Coaching: I help leaders to deepen and expand their insight, awareness and skill for innovative, strategic action and vibrant relationships so that their legacy is one of empowered, thriving individuals and flourishing communities and organisations. (find out more on

In my life coaching I work with anyone who is ready for and committed to personal growth so that they and those around them can flourish, but I have a particular interest in supporting people of faith as they actively pursue the life God made them for.

In Life Coaching: I help people of faith make brave changes so they can build deeply fulfilled and sustainable lives.

Let me tell you a bit more about myself: Before becoming a full time volunteer, I was actually a Paediatric doctor. I have always been single and I have some precious children and young people in my life that I absolutely adore - none of whom I have given birth to! I was raised, along with my younger brother, by our single mum who has long term health and mobility issues and I myself struggled with ME for a number of years. I love movies and stories that move me; being out in nature when the sun is out and the skies are blue; making gifts for my loved ones; flavoursome, spicy food!

My Christian faith is central to my life, informing my life choices and interactions; put simply in my coaching I seek to honour your unique life and call & look forward to working with you to see YOU fully expressed.

  • United Kingdom
  • EMCC Accreditation - Practitioner Level
  • Level 7 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring for Executives and Senior Leaders
  • member of CCMN
Who I Help
  • employees
  • leaders who want a legacy of flourishing individuals & thriving communities
  • parents
  • people in full time ministry
  • people of faith who want to build fulfilled and sustainable lives
  • retirees