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About Jill

Based in the UK I work online with clients around the world.

Values are vital to me, and I run my life and my business based on empathy, integrity, authenticity, compassion and curiosity.

Our coaching will be about forward motion, which isn't generally in the straight line we would choose it to be! And that's ok. Let's do it messy.

Alongside my coaching I am training as a psychotherapist so I am able to hold a lot of space and a lot of weight with my clients whilst focusing on the future and what may be holding you back. This gives my clients the opportunity to be truly vulnerable and honest about where they're at from which we can make lasting change.

I am trained in Professional Coaching with Optimus Coach Academy.

  • United Kingdom
Who I Help
  • Loss of confidence in self after having a baby
  • People who feel stuck in their current situation
  • People who want to build their confidence
  • People who want to make a change and don't know where to start
  • Women
  • Working Mothers