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Lindsay Frederick

It's the little things


About Lindsay

Well this "About Me" is awkward because you're here for you - looking for someone to help guide YOU. You're not here for me...

But if you were -
Hi! I'm Lindsay, I am a certified Life Coach, I hold my Bachelor's in Psychology, I've worked in the education field for 12+ years, I am a #GirlMom to 3, and a lover of nature.
My journey to certification was my own healing journey. I am a domestic abuse survivor who has completely redesigned their life. I did get caught up in a few years of Hustle Harder - and during that time I developed habit trackers, taught trainings on time "management" & ran 2 businesses alongside running my household, working part-time and --- still being a mom. I did not lose my mind, I managed it, developed new perspectives, became clear on boundaries, let go of "should" & continued.

Each season has its reason. And every perspective can we switched. It's the little things.

Now - where are you on your journey?

  • Pennsylvania, United States
  • Life Coach
Who I Help
  • Busy Moms
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Goal Setters
  • MLM teams