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Giustina Ferone, PhD

I'm a certified Coach, former Biomedical Scientist with a Psychology background. By bringing science into coaching, I help professionals venture outside their comfort zone to get what they really want


About Giustina

It may happen to feel disconnected or uncertain of our next steps after achieving significant milestones in life. When we become overly fixated on proving our abilities, we may lose sight of our real needs. If that is the case, and you are struggling to find your sense of purpose and direction, I am here to help.

As a coach, I offer a safe and non-judgmental space for you to explore your thoughts and emotions, gain clarity, and reconnect with your values and motivation. Together, we will identify any limiting beliefs or behavioral patterns that may be holding you back and develop strategies to overcome them.

I am a passionate and internationally certified Life and Executive Coach with a Psychology degree and a Ph.D. in Life Sciences. My background in Psychology provides me with in-depth understanding of human behavior, mental processes, and evidence-based tools, all crucial aspects when it comes to promote your well-being.

I am also trained to use assessments to help you explore your personality, preferences, strengths, and areas that may need extra development.

My approach is rooted in cognitive-behavioral coaching and emotional intelligence to help you tap into your inner resources, shift your mindset, and replace unhealthy behaviors holding you back.

At the core of my method is the belief that cultivating a flexible mindset is crucial for your psychological well-being. The brain is incredibly adaptable, and with intentional effort and practice, we can train it to think from new perspectives and imagine new possibilities for our lives.

I coach in English and Italian

  • Netherlands
  • Advanced Certified Personal and Executive Coach
  • PhD in Life Science
  • Psychology degree
Who I Help
  • Entrepreneus
  • Expats
  • Leaders
  • Professionals in transition