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About SOL

Our SOL Results Master Coaches have helped all kinds of people achieve more professionally and personally through one-on-one coaching and mentoring. If you’re serious about success, a good coach will help you reach your goals faster and easier.

How it started…
SOL Results began in 2003 after four independently successful business people and long-time friends, Stan Kontos, Manuel Karkafiris, Peter Gardiakos and John Ngatia decided they wanted to pass on the wisdom and knowledge they had attained throughout their life and successful career.

Prior to founding SOL Results, they had each felt like they wanted to achieve more in their business & life but lacked the know-how. Mostly out of frustration they each sort out the world’s best business coaches like Anthony “Tony” Robbins, Deepak Chopra and Tad James NLP in order to develop their minds & overcome their mental roadblocks to success. In attending these events and adopting what they had learned they each discovered how to get the results they wanted. In time they were able to master the lessons learned and went on to achieve excellent financial success, have greater health, energy, and vitality, have more meaningful relationships and a clear direction and purpose in life. A position they maintain today and one they continue to refine and develop further.

After achieving these great results they now have the financial freedom to pursue their desire to empower others; teaching them the same tools and strategies they used to attain success and take their lives to the next level.

SOL Results first started with one event, fast forward to today and we now host more than 20 events each year to and have reached 1000’s of people, including Adelaide’s premier networking breakfast which is extremely popular with South Australian business people.

Our Philosophy…
Our vision is to be the leading organisation that enhances and inspires personal and professional development for professionals, corporates & SME’s. With a refined, thorough & proven model, we achieve fast results.

Our motto: Why wait, Take Your Life to The Next Level Now!

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