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Brandon Egbert

Unchain yourself from the limiting beliefs challenging your true purpose.


About Brandon

I knew I deserved a better life.

I grew up in the church, my life centered around rules, religion and what path I should and should not be on. I had a great family, a fine quality of life, yet my upbringing formed limiting beliefs around my potential and myself that were crippling.
I did the only logical thing to do... I became a pastor.

In my quest to break free from the traditional conservative religious chains that were restricting my life, I was motivated to find a relationship with God on my own terms, which ultimately let to me coaching others on how to do the same. Divergent Coaching teaches you how to identity and release limiting beliefs about yourself so you can get back control of your life.
Now I can help you unlock your purpose.

On my journey to reach my true purpose I have lived a full life. From military service and farming, to corporate nine-to-fives and building a loving family, to professional fighting, fitness and modeling, my life has been rich in challenges, transformations and overwhelming success. My path now is to teach others how I got here, and how they can too. As a Purpose Development and Spiritual Mindset Coach, I help free you from the limitations of your life so you can embrace your God-given purpose.

  • Texas, United States