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Jordan Greenich

Energy worker | Removing energetic blocks so you can live your Soul's purpose.


About Jordan

Hello! I am here to help you navigate stagnant energy blocking your chakras and other places in the body, so you can release the emotions, beliefs, and old structures that are holding you back.

I'm a spiritual and energy coach specializing in emotional release therapy. Whether you're feeling stuck or stressed or suffering in life—or you need help navigating spiritual growth and energetic transformation—I can help you remove the obstacles that keep you from allowing your life path to unfold naturally, with excitement, and in alignment with your highest self.

I bring experience in energy/chakra work, Kundalini awakening, and Hermetic teachings to my clients, as well as lots of love and light! I believe everyone can live the life of their dreams—their Soul's purpose—when energy channels are fully open and receptive to higher frequencies.

During and after our work together, you will release blocks that are holding you back in daily life and from achieving your dreams. We will remove all of the noise in the way, so you can live as your Soul, walk in your highest purpose, and feel peace in your heart.

You will develop your ability to:

Identify and release repressed emotions and trauma that's holding you and your life hostage.

Effectively feel and process new emotions as they arise in your life, from a place of observation, where you do not identify with your feelings—this will allow you to deeply experience the full spectrum of life without suffering.

Feel peace and ease. You'll deepen into self-love and self-compassion.

Tap into your innate intuition so that you will simply KNOW the right course of action to take on your life path—no more worry, stress, and overthinking.

Be in tune with your energetic body, spiritual nature, and higher self. You will access information regarding your life purpose and what you're here on earth to do.

Manifest the life you desire and the resources required to fulfil your Soul's purpose.

  • New York, United States
Who I Help
  • emotional release therapy
  • energy cleansing
  • energy work
  • highly sensitive people
  • manifestation
  • removing energy blocks
  • spiritual awakening process
  • visionaries