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About Monika

Hi, I’m Monika!

Did you love your job but the joy disappeared on the way?
Or do you want the work to give you satisfaction and allow to grow, but you do not know in which direction to steer your career?

There are ups and downs in both personal and professional lives, where do you stand right now?
• Have you lost (or never had) passion for work?
• Do you lack opportunities for growth and career progression?
• Are you demotivated and tired of everyday work?
• Do you feel your experience and skills are wasted?
• Do you feel not good enough or do not trust your value?
• Do you doubt if you are on a proper career path to realize your dreams in agreement with your values and needs?

We devote more than 1/3 of our time for work and we deserve to spend this time in a pleasant and friendly workplace, attending to tasks that bring satisfaction, build our sense of worth, and allow to grow professionally.
Why then it is so rare?

You cannot fix the world, but you can help yourself
Note: it is not “fixing” yourself, just taking a good care of yourself and everyone from your family and friends who interacts with you!

What if you have a job which would allow you to:
• go to work every day with enthusiasm,
• utilize your strengths and skills,
• face healthy challenges,
• grow professionally, learn new skills and get useful experience,
• separate work from private life and engage guilt-free into personal activities and relationships,
• concentrate on your work without distractions or unproductive activities.

Let me support you in going as close as possible to this ideal.

I worked in IT for many years, loving (almost) every minute of it. It was challenging, satisfying, and amazing despite putting long hours and dealing with stress.
But then the disappointments and stress started piling up, putting me in a closed circle of demotivation, irritation, self-doubts, and guilt, robbing from previous joy and passion, and impacting my personal life.

My burnout resulted in taking a coaching course to find some temporary relief from the stress, but it soon became my passion, reviving satisfaction and curiosity. This is when I decided to leave IT industry and become a life coach – especially for fellow IT and Tech people experiencing burnout and not having clarity what to do with their job and career.

Changing the profession to find meaning, challenges, and satisfaction in your work is just one option. There are more possibilities to discover the best professional path.

  • Poland
  • ACC credentials from ICF
  • Professional Coach certified by the International Coach Academy
Who I Help
  • IT and Tech Professionals
  • People in existential crisis
  • Women and Men