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About Ladislav

I help people to conquer overwhelming ​emotions and psychological challenges, such ​as insecurity, burnout, stress, anxiety, limiting beliefs, and ​undesired habits. Unlock your human potential and find peace, ​balance, resilience, and joy in your life. Your time here is precious. Increase the quality ​of your life and enjoy it in its fullness.

While other coaches and therapists use different ​methods and techniques, crashing on forcing people ​to change their behavior, my coaching is based on ​simple conversations that go deep into the core and ​hit clients on the subconscious level which is the ​major element in determining our perspective, ​action, and ultimately our outcome.

The results are instant, transformative, and lasting.

  • Germany
  • Human Potential Coach
Who I Help
  • Men and woman with overwhealming emotional and psychological challenges.
  • People looking for peace, balance, resilience and joy in their life.
  • People looking to unlock their human potential to live life in its fullness.