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Sarah Green

Strengths focused Coaching for Life, Career & Confidence


About Sarah

Hello, I’m Sarah,

I am an experienced and qualified (ILM L7) Life & Career Coach with a passion for self development and creating meaningful personal, and professional, lives for ourselves. I work with integrity, a strong sense of gratitude and seek to ensure there is purpose and joy in all that I do. I have been featured on the BBC and contribute to Happiful magazine, on their expert panel. Outside of my professional role I am also a mum, a big believer in the power of the great oudoors and spaniel owner. All things that help to keep me grounded!

From a Coaching perspective, I don’t believe in focusing on just performance, or just mindset or just outcomes. Yes, all of these are important. However, I believe that the most effective way of developing ourselves is to take a holistic approach – understand our values, our purpose, our outlook and beliefs. Focusing inward helps us to respond more effectively to the outside world. Who are we underneath all of life’s experiences and expectations?

I would love to answer any questions that you might have about Coaching and the value it can add to your life.
There i more detail about my experience, background and the Coaching programmes that I offer on my website or, for an informal 'discovery call' please email me and we can go from there!

Thanks x

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