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About Mia

I am a natural organizer and cheerleader with a heart so full of love I must spread it to everyone! My talents and gifts are typically complimentary to those who need help focusing, seeing themselves from a different perspective and opening to love and receivership. You will feel so held and safe while being shown who you really are.

My "coaching" approaching is to take you on a journey into yourself, to activate your Divine Feminine and establish an easily accessible pathway to that powher, whenever you desire.

I also help you get your shit together with running your business. Your business is its own entitiy and energy and we will craft a care plan to keep the energy clean and running smoothly.

I especially love female startups, the vulnerable new stages of excitement, uncertainty and passion are so delicious to me. Consider me your personal trainer for whipping your biz operations into shape.

powherfull inc is an incubator for new female entrepreneurs. I provide systems and support for the solopreneur, and I provide (create + attract) the community to actually make us collabrapreneurs. Together we grow our individual businesses as a collective rather than in a linear manner. I also connect women back to our sacred practices of meeting in circle, to be incredibly authentic and open the portals to the higher frequencies around us and between us.

  • Canada
  • Online Business Manager
Who I Help
  • business owners
  • females
  • moms
  • startups
  • women in business