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About Sean

I help executives, and business owners expedite their career, and lifestyle goals by managing stress, transforming their mindset, and through challenging and reprogramming habits, and behaviors getting in the way of success.

I do this this through a variety of coaching tools, powerful questioning to provoke insight, and through a structure of projects and practices designed to maximize motivation, action, and success in the areas of:

Performance - Perform at the top of your potential professionally, physically, and emotionally

Leadership- Lead with clarity and confidence, and inspire your employees, and teams to do their best work

Mindset - Design and participate in your day with clarity, intention, and power

Mindfulness- Retrain your most stubborn and unhealthy thoughts, behaviors, and habits getting in the the way of optimal performance, and health

Relationships- Navigate complex, changing, and challenging interpersonal, family, and team relationships

Action- Move past your barriers and get into unprecedented action to reach your goals and beyond

  • Massachusetts, United States