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Vishad Doshi

Mindset Transformer


About Vishad


Without sounding like too much like a dating profile or introduction on a bad reality show, my name’s Vishad, I’m 38 at the time of writing from north west London and I’m a mindset transformer with my own brand Inner Peace Walker.

For those that like a headline statement, I have 2 forms. The short form is: When it comes to mindset, everyone’s a bit f*cked. I help you understand how to unf*ck yourself

Often we feel f*cked but don’t know what to do about it. That’s what I’m here to help out with.

The longer form is: I help you reconcile and overcome feelings of low self worth without just accentuating the positives, letting you forge and define your own inner peace

We reconcile first because we might not even know we have feelings of low self worth in the first place. Not accentuating the positives is the key difference between me and a lot of other people in the self development world.
Things like being positive all the time and ignoring or flipping “negative” emotions can work in isolation, but they often don’t stick, and you’re left stuck in the same patterns and can’t work out why.

Together, we dig down into goals and issues and challenges to see them for what they really are.

This is the distinction between my approach and many other self help people – we don’t fixate on one goal and throw high level, superficial words at it, we look beyond and end up resolving and achieving goals and targets without explicitly targeting them. It’s not magic or trickery, we just haven’t practiced this kind of thing enough.

This is why this is called the guaranteed treasure hunt - your treasure is there, and if you don’t find it, just keep digging. I call it mind mining – we both go digging and picking to find your answers.

All this acts as a platform to let you forge and define your own inner peace. The definition of that inner peace is up to you: it can be something big, like finding a life partner, or something small like developing the ability to define your boundaries. It is up to you.

The work and process is all about you. It starts from a place of your choice, and I make the point that I don’t give a monkey's what neat demographic/niche others would have you fit in. Others are welcome to have their own take and perspective on who they work with, and good luck to them, I’m not here to say I’m right, they’re wrong. I’m here to say this is what I offer. I make a point of saying this work is not for everyone (because that’s neither true or possible) and it’s for anyone. Anyone that reads/hears what I offer or my story and goes ‘oh shit, that’s me’ or have that spark of curiosity come up in them to want to find out more.

By way of background, I spent my professional career in the world of investment banking operations in the self professed world’s biggest investment bank up until my early 30s when I grew disillusioned with it and realised I didn’t want to be the next MD/Director/other inflated corporate title, given how much the role involved, physically, mentally and emotionally, and also having been burnt out by the fact that doing your job wasn’t enough anymore. At the same time, I was struggling with my singledom (not being able to find a partner and that), social anxiety, fuelling a sense of feeling lost, unfulfilled and stuck, not knowing where to head next.

I’d looked into becoming a coach as a new opportunity after the end of my first role – it struck me as an opportunity to work for myself, help people and make a difference and utilising my natural capacity to listen and talk through issues. After taking some time out for a family home renovation project and giving contracting a go, I revisited the opportunity and ended up finding my ideal coach (by a curious quirk of the universe as it happens, but that’s another story for another time..)

Essentially, through his coaching program, I was able to first orientate and reconcile myself as to who I am and where my feelings of low self worth stem from; from there, we worked to recognise what practical and human needs I wasn’t fulfilling, confront what I hated and recognising the practical steps to take to fulfilling my needs in a more healthier way.
When we feel good enough, it acts as a catalyst to repair and solve other areas of your life that have previously weighed you down.

I am ready to accompany you as we build your path to your inner peace.

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