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Kristen Blythe

Holistic Life Coaching and Ancestral Energy Healing for Personal Growth, Healing, and Transformation


About Kristen

Kristen Blythe of Rooted Wisdom Intuitive Coaching is an energy intuitive, energy healer, spiritual teacher, writer, visionary, and metaphysical healing teacher. Throughout her professional career, Kristen has supported thousands of people in transforming their lives and answering the call of their souls. Kristen approaches healing and personal transformation from an energy-first perspective, using metaphysical healing, intuitive guidance, and energy work to assist empaths, lightworkers, healers, intuitives, and spiritual seekers in achieving the positive life changes they desire and embodying their purpose and soul gifts.

Kristen is the author of the book Reclaiming Your Roots and specializes in ancestral healing and teaching others to become the most powerful healer of their own life. She offers healing techniques and spiritual practices for overcoming limiting generational and ancestral patterns that block spiritual growth and healing. Through her professional practice, Kristen offers one-to-one coaching sessions, transformative guidance sessions, a monthly membership portal, courses, training for healing professionals, and downloadable energy attunements and healings.

  • New Hampshire, United States
  • Applied Polyvagal Theory in Therapeutic Yoga Certification
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Certified Meditation Instructor
  • Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Certification
  • Karuna Ki Master
  • Professional EFT Certification
  • Reiki Master Teacher
Who I Help
  • Adults
  • Empathic Adults
  • English Speaking
  • Healing Professionals
  • Highly Sensitive Adults
  • Intuitive Adults
  • Spiritual Adults
  • Trauma Survivors