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Joseline Carballo

Tap into your limitless potential as we trailblaze ever so gently into what's holding you back!


About Joseline

Personal development, wellness and self-improvement have always paid a huge part in my life. I found they helped me understand more about who I am, what I am capable of and how to work through my inner self-critic. So, naturally, over my time I have immersed myself in all things mindfulness, yoga, exercise, meditation, natural therapies and so on. So much so that a few years ago, I decided to commence studies in natural therapies, meditation and positive psychology. Fast forward to today and my calling to share my passion in this space could no longer be ignored. I knew that sooner or later.......I wanted to serve others with these tools so I can share just how powerful they are in transforming our mindset. ⁠

So, Joseline Coaching was born. A space where I can share the knowledge & tools that help us overcome our inner know......the one that holds us back from doing the scary things. My coaching practice is a safe space, where we design mindset programs with mindfulness underpinning a lot of our work. We provide private mentoring and coaching to assist our clients with their inner dialogue so they can gain greater clarity & purpose in their life. This is our WHY and this is why we exist today.⁠

  • Australia
  • Bachelor Business
  • Certificate in Meditation & Trauma: The Mind Matters Teacher Training
  • Certificate in Yoga Psychology for Mental Health Teacher Training
  • Post Grad in Positive Psychology
Who I Help
  • entrepeneurs
  • heart-led women
  • spiritually awakened
  • wellness enthusiast
  • women