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About Stefan

AI, Automation & Productivity nerd. I've co-founded 4 successful companies, invested in various others and sit on multiple company boards.

What I'm good at and what I love doing:

✓ Building, Scaling and Automating Businesses
✓ Business Strategy, Leadership & Management
✓ Process Automation & Improving Productivity
✓ Building Efficient Teams
✓ Brand Building & Marketing Automation
✓ Product Development & Project Management
✓ Software Engineering | Electrical Engineering
✓ AI | Machine Learning
✓ Blockchain Technology (high level) | Cyber Security (high level)
✓ Economics & Finance

What other people say about working with me:

"I found working with Stefan a highly rewarding & enriching experience for myself, as well as the entire team. Resourceful, committed, beyond expectations, excellent results and generosity are the words that most exemplify Stefan's value added characteristics!"

  • Germany
  • CCA Contextuelle CoachingAcademie (Germany)
Who I Help
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Executives
  • Founders
  • Individuals
  • Managers
  • Startups