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Dr. Linda Travelute

John Maxwell Certified to Maximize your leadership and team to elevate your success, amplify your bottom line, and push you past your stuck spots.


About Dr. Linda

Dr. Linda Travelute is a doctor of clinical psychology, speaker, consultant and executive coach who helps people like you – professionals, business owners, executives and team members – massively bump up their results so they can make more of an impact and get more done through others.

She brings decades of experience to the table in this unique way: she’s been called the Boss’ Secret Sauce because she specializes in boss behavior – helping the people in charge to do so in a way that makes their team members feel valued, gets them to embrace the vision, and helps them push through obstacles to do amazing things together – no matter what.

She’s walked with individuals as they’ve made changes in their lives; she’s helped organizations create cultures where high performance thrives.

She is the founder & CEO of Maximized Leaders where she and her team of coaches and trainers provide leadership consulting, executive coaching, training, and keynote presentations, speaking at conferences on the national and international levels.

Dr. Linda is mentored, trained, and certified by John C. Maxwell, a best-selling author many times over and rated as one of the top leadership and business experts in the industry. Dr Linda is the host of, which is John C Maxwell’s premier leader & development event.

She serves as Executive Director for the John Maxwell Team, which has grown to be the largest leadership and personal development company in world history with 40,000 members strong worldwide. As a member of John’s President Advisory Council, she also develops training and coaching material that the John Maxwell Team members use with their clients based on John Maxwell’s suite of best-selling leadership and development books. This is awesome for you – because she’s able to bring to you the best of the best in training materials.

But what kind of leadership experience does she have? We got you…

Her leadership experience started in restaurant management then at the young age of 27 she took the reigns as principal for grades K-4 through 12 private school where she oversaw all operations, including personnel management, financial budgeting, strategic planning, marketing/communications strategies, and execution, oversight of the educational programs and student life. She also has extensive experience working with non-profit organizations in both administrative and executive capacities.

Dr. Linda spent over 27 years as a pastor at a 4,000-member church in central Florida which gave her tons of leadership experience overseeing 15 staff pastors, 20 direct reports, and led a 500-member team, 300 of which she specially trained to become an army of transformational care to the central Florida region.

Dr. Linda has a deep background in creating training programs as she has authored 3 books and many articles for Charisma Magazine, and Group Magazine, and wrote a whole suite of Youth Pastors Curriculum for Creation House Publishing.

Dr. Linda’s Ph.D. in clinical psychology allows her to analyze your behavior and get you unstuck from any mental or emotional problems that are keeping you from living life at its fullest potential. Dr. Linda is also a certified temperament analyst with advanced certification which helps her figure out how people tick so they can tick better and do more with less stress. We all need that, right?!

You’re about to take off with the most experienced, down-to-earth, and creative leadership development coach and consultant around. Ready? Let’s go!

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  • Florida, United States
  • Certified Coach
  • Certified Consultant
  • Certified Corporate Facilitator
  • Certified Maxwell Leadership Coach (John Maxwell)
  • Doctor of Clinical Phycology
Who I Help
  • Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Executives
  • Leaders
  • Managers
  • Professionals
  • Team Members