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Rezza Custodio-Soriano

Helping women leaders achieve clarity and congruence so they can become EVEN BETTER at what they do.


About Rezza

I believe that women deserve a better way.

There are many approaches or methods out there in personal development, but I have met many women who express that they have this recurrent, "niggly" feeling that something still needs to be resolved in their situation or in their life.

Women may unknowingly have self-sabotaging patterns, making them feel *secretly* unsuccessful or unsettled from within. Women's brains work and process information differently from men, and are more prone to emotional sensitivity and suppressed feelings.

My women-centric coaching programs help leaders and professionals develop and unleash their inner capabilities to create more balance, effective clarity, and purpose in their life, career or business.

But if you have already tried other means or methods, but seem to find yourself still stuck or issues tend to recur, then CREATRIX® Transformology® may be more apt for you.

The CREATRIX® method is the only transformational, women-centered process in the world that deeply takes into consideration how females are wired differently from males. It is quick and highly-effective, enabling them to experience a clearer mind, finally releasing deep emotional blocks, allowing one to move forward quickly, with LONG-LASTING RESULTS.
No medication or tools required.

Also, CREATRIX® has won recognition as the "Most Innovative Female Empowerment Program 2023" by the Australian Enterprise Awards in 2023.

CREATRIX® works excellently on epigenetics. Epigenetic issues can be identified when the same/similar patterns are seen in one's family or blood relatives. It causes women to unconsciously pass on their issues to their offspring.

One of my programs, Radiant Transformology®, is work with clients to identify and finally RELEASE a slew of deep-rooted inner blocks that causes them to feel stuck, incongruent, empty, tired, disappointed, unfulfilled, or frustrated. Some clients say my process is surprisingly "fun", "light" and "enjoyable", something NEW and DIFFERENT from traditional approaches they've tried. It has the power to reduce repeated emotional pains, frustration or chronic anxiety from a high level 10, down to possibly a zero, in less than 1 hours. Again, with lasting results.

Interested? Copy-paste the link below in your browser to book your 30-min. complimentary Inquiry Call with me today:

Rezza is the first Asian licensed as a Creatrix® Transformologist® for women. Today she is also completing her triple certification in Feminine Power Coaching, Facilitation and Leadership in the US.

She started out doing Christian Counselling for 16 years. In 2011 she became a certified NLP Practitioner in Classic Code, and also trained in New Code NLP. She has been a professional life coach since.

The former Chief Digital Officer of Cobena Business Analytics and Strategy, Inc., she did consultancy for the Philippines’ Top 500, and also a former SME of the Certified Digital Marketer Program (CDM). In this line of work, she has worked with clients such as Nestle, Wyeth, McDonald's, Metrobank, ABS-CBN, Glaxo, Globe, etc.

As part of her community work, Rezza was the former Pastoral Head for the Feast Bay Area PH English sessions, and till this day, conducts various discipleship programs for the community.

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