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About Jay

I am the owner and founder of Coaching Mavericks. All of us have a desire to live the life we want to live in an authentic and confident way. A "Maverick" way.
The fact is there is not "one way" to success. The truth is "success" comes from within you by being authentic to who you are and discovering your purpose or as Simon Sinek suggests "Your WHY".
My Master's and Doctoral work is in psychology and I take a whole person approach. When working with teams I see them both individually and as a unit.
Here are some of the benefits you can expect from working with me:
- A clearer direction
-Greater awareness of your strengths and weaknesses and how to use them for success
-An understanding of your personality and how it impacts others and make it work for you
-Developing more positive mindsets that will enhance your growth
-Someone who will partner with you, truly listen, be relentless about understanding, and no longer alone
-Discover together who you truly are and where you going
-Increase your ability to find more financial opportunities
-Help you move forward when you were stuck in life, business or career
For Teams
-Help them generate income producing activities and ideas
-Teach them how to better support each other rather than working as competitors or loners
-Discover how they fit as individuals on a team with their strengths and authenticity
-Help them understand how to take individual and group responsibilities, ownership, and accountability.
-Overcome personality conflicts
-Increase open lines of communication
-Increase productivity.
For Owners and CEO's of Teams
-Help you with better hiring practices
-Make recommendations on next steps with employees to enhance themselves or the team
-Help you make an honest review of yourself and help you overcome your shortcomings and weaknesses
-Partner with you to find ways to decrease your stress, delegate, and make your work more efficient and effective
-Discover your strengths and weaknesses, and your personality traits that are helping you as a leader or hindering you as a leader
-Helping you develop as a leader

  • North Carolina, United States