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/chAYnj/ Not wrong, just different!

Coaching, Mentoring and Leadership Development


About /chAYnj/

/chAYnj/ was born out of the desire to prepare the next generation for their future, putting people on the path to success. Our goal is to help Young Professionals to find a sense of purpose that resonates with their passions and reach their full potential, allowing them to contribute to society.
At /chAYnj/, we provide Young Professionals with the proper support and guidance in the most impactful stages of life. With the right mindset, positivity, and motivation, major life changes can build momentum for success.

  • Canada
  • Advanced Certificate in Biblical Theology
  • Bachelor of Arts / Human Resource Management
  • FIG Brevet
  • ICF Members
  • MA Global Leadership
  • Master Certified Professional Coach
  • Mental Health Certified Coach
  • Olympic Men's Artistic Gymnastics Coach
  • Sports Coaching