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Lucie Coudret

Own your career. Build your self-awareness. Leveraging technology in coaching; Voicenotes, Virtual Reality...[English/French/Spanish]


About Lucie

Hi, I’m Lucie Coudret and I help my clients truly own their careers. I help them find meaning and purpose in the work that they do, by leveraging their strengths and aligning to their values.

Through coaching, my clients typically end up excited about getting creative with their career journeys, and ultimately they leave feeling confident to navigate their careers strategically.

I have been a qualified coach for more than 5 years now, and I’ve been working in the world of Learning and Development, mostly working with clients on their senior leadership development for over 7 years. And most recently I’ve been having fun blending coaching and learning with different types of technology such as virtual reality.

From my work in L&D and coaching, I’ve had the opportunity to work with global clients in all 5 continents and in 3 different languages as I speak francais, English y espanol.

And, I truly believe in the value of prioritising your personal development, as we prioritise our health and wellbeing. I believe it’s all interlinked and as we spend the majority of our time working, it’s important to make it meaningful for us. Through coaching you will be taken out of your comfort zone at times and you’ll develop your self-awareness and your confidence. And it’s those elements that will allow you to thrive and flourish. 😊

  • United Kingdom
  • DiSC
  • HRM MA
  • Strengths Profile
  • The Coaching Academy Diploma
Who I Help
  • Ambitious individuals
  • Career activists
  • Early careers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Executives
  • High-potentials
  • Tech enthusiasts