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About Martha

My work with each client begins with an assessment to understand the client’s needs and goals. From there, I tailor the program to the specific needs of the client, incorporating relevant focus areas such as resource optimization, personal development, social development, and structural support development. Focus areas are adjusted for ongoing development as the client progresses.

I am a certified youth resilience coach specializing in research-based life coaching services for teens and young adults. I have done over 120 hours of specific training from accredited coach-specific training providers. I am building this specialty on more than 40 years of relevant education and training. As a lifelong learner, I am continuing to study to hone my coaching skills and am working toward the International Coaching Federation certification.

My formal education consists of the following:

 New York University, NY - Bachelor of Science in Nursing
 Hunter College, NY – Master of Public Health

Background and Experience

Working in health care for 40 plus years, my interests focus on mind/body health and wellness from an individual and community perspective. Early study of psychology, nursing and buddhism focused my interest on practical methods to realize growth and potential. My relevant certifications include a Certificate in Counseling, training and practice as a mindfulness meditation instructor, certificates to teach Japanese Tea Ceremony, and extensive practice of Focusing, a practice of allowing our bodies to guide us to deeper self-knowledge and healing. As a public health professional, I found myself on the cutting edge of the creation of learning communities that emphasized using will, learning principles and data collection to make breakthrough change in clinical outcomes (IHI, BTS).

My eclectic background and training have enabled me to develop an approach to coaching that incorporates principles and practices drawn from eastern and western psychology, somatic practices and artistic discipline. I combine these means in a coaching environment to help you get unstuck by acknowledging the wisdom of deep interests and passions, plan action steps, stay motivated, and achieve goals.

  • Colorado, United States