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About Jaclyn

My name is Jaclyn Sadicario, and I have a doctorate in Clinical Psychology. I have worked in health behavior, psychotherapy, and addiction research for years and have taught undergraduate psychology majors. I have enjoyed working clinically with patients across a wide array of presentations.

However, one of the more rewarding aspects of any job I have held has been mentoring students and other individuals interested in changing their lives and living more closely to their values, whether it be career, education, or how they structure their days, to help them be more effective. I have expertise in motivation and mindfulness, and I use this knowledge to support others in improving their lives.

During my doctoral training, I excelled in my studies and maintained an active personal life. I became a step-parent and continued to engage in creative work. This balance has been very helpful in avoiding burnout.

I have supported many individuals in the following areas: task (to-do list) completion, writing project completion (academic and creative), DIY home idea brainstorming, coping with a diagnosis, grief, communication with friends and family, coming out, blended families, caretaking for human and pet family members, and romantic relationships (including non-traditional relationship formats). I hope to help you find balance. Specifically, my goal is to help you live as closely as possible to your values, considering what is essential to you culturally and helping you figure out how to be kind to yourself in the meantime.

I also have training as a professional birth doula and experience in supporting self-sustaining community organizations. I would love to help you in whatever transition you are making or hope to make!

  • Virginia, United States
  • Clinical Psychology Doctorate
Who I Help
  • ADHD
  • doctoral students
  • Editors
  • LGBT
  • Middle Aged Adults
  • Seniors
  • Step Parents
  • Students
  • Young Adults