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Kenneth Telesco

Relationship Coach assisting you to THRIVE in all of your Relationships, beginning with YourSelf !


About Kenneth

A near death experience at an early age gave me a profound Lust for Life! With FUN as my chief motivator I became a professional theatre artist and for many years moved from state to state and relationship to relationship. I was always the one to end my relationships when I decided that my partner wasn’t _________ enough for me. I filled in that blank many different ways over the years. It was always HER that I blamed as somehow not being enough. I've partnered with some truly amazing women that I bailed on when things between us got tricky and I lacked the tools to work through the dynamics that challenged us.

When my longing for deeper relational fulfillment led me to The Relationship School, the first nugget that captured my attention was Jayson Gaddis teaching that in ALL of my relationships, I’VE been the common denominator. From that ‘AHA’ moment on a new conceptualization of my relational life began to form. I’ve learned that I can’t change others, I can only change myself, that conflicts in relationships are normal and that it’s our lack of skill in navigating those conflicts that’s the problem. This holds true for ALL of our relations. Siblings, parents, children, friends, neighbors, spouses, lovers, colleagues, etc.

I've learned and integrated so many new tools for helping me to create mutually responsible, accountable, fair and mature behaviors on my way to becoming a Relationship Coach. My plan is to share these with you, so that the dynamics you experience in YOUR relationships improve by leaps and bounds too. Advocating for self, sharing impact, really hearing and getting another's world, repairing effectively after conflict and ownership language have just been a few of the game changers for me. I look forward to sharing them with you so that all of your high and low stakes relationships benefit.

I’ve had some really awesome teachers and some of the things I have deep life experiences with are Native American Shamanism, tantra, physical embodiment, ecstatic and contact improv dance, the dreamtime, plant medicine, yoga, men’s work, grief work, and navigating the horrible fallout from the multiple suicides of various loved ones of mine.

Knowing the things that I now know, I’d love to help you to navigate the tricky relational challenges in Your Wondrous Life. I’d love to be your Relationship Coach so that you too can Prosper, Thrive and experience more Happiness and Fulfillment.

Thanks for being Curious and Courageous enough to take A Leap of Faith ~

Schedule with me Now & together let's up-level your Relational Realm in ALL ways !

You deserve it ~

Let's Do This !

  • Washington, United States
  • Certified Professional Relationship Coach
Who I Help
  • I assist Growth Oriented Individuals to thrive in all of their relationships !
  • Men
  • Non-Binary
  • Women