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About Nicholas A.

Everything is changing. The barriers for starting and growing a company with just one or a few people have gone down significantly. With the right philosophy, it's possible to see massive results in a relatively short amount of time. Attributes related to prioritization, flow, self-awareness & empathy are becoming more important, and modern consulting needs to adapt to this reality.

Spiritual Growth

In the age of AI, how we conceptualize work and wellness sets a key foundation. I take a holistic approach with a strong emphasis on personal development, aimed at breaking down and resolving mindset barriers, instilling breakthrough thought frameworks, and shattering limiting beliefs.

Tactical Execution

If there's a technical or tactical challenge in your business a life coaching philosophy isn't going to address it. Depending on the problem, i'll help clients develop tactical muscles or get my hands dirty to help solve present problems in the business. This can encompass anything from design, development, advertising, CRO, etc; any high-value service that solves a high value problem.

Technical Prowess

Machine learning, automation, low-code and various domain specific programs have opened up a new playing field for founders, owners, solopreneurs & multipreneurs alike, creating significantly higher levels of efficiency while minimizing the amount of people needed to grow a company. This makes the plan and the process far more important than any individual action. Adopting a future-of-work centered approach to business and team building is a critical part of creating leverage.

  • United Kingdom
  • Life Coach Training Institute
Who I Help
  • Entreprenuers
  • Hustle Victims
  • Individuals lacking purpose
  • Owners