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About Heather

Photographer and storyteller by training, I realized how my life story is a beautiful example of how we can be made new and redirected to the best life possible. By overcoming family drama trauma, strengthening our heads, minds, hearts, we can be the best version of ourselves, and learn who we truly are in God's beautiful calling. All the expectations of the world must come 2nd to who God wants us to be. And so we learn to listen to what the Holy Spirit has to say about us, coming directly from the source, versus what our parents or peers or even WE think about ourselves.

Many of us have hindrances and trauma coming between us and the truth for our lives. A compassionate coach can gently help you through these issues where you don't see your blind spots. I would be honored to help you reflect and safely discover whether anything is holding you back. I can walk you through the forgiveness process and assist the Holy Spirit in your emotional healing. Just as has been done for me, and it is well worth the investment of time and money, to get your heart to a place of wholeness so you can then do the same in your family life and career. Please get in touch if you need me. Take care and God bless!

  • Alaska, United States