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Phyllisia Moore

Remember life has it’s lessons and that no matter what you feel has been taking from you physically spiritually emotionally you will always get back what’s meant for you itjust how the universe wrk


About Phyllisia

Hi 👋 nice to meet ya! My name is Phyllisia Moore from a small town in Gulfport Ms. I started coaching way before I even knew what couching was and at a young age. And while we all know that nothing and no one I mean no one is perfect, right getting your self love self compassion embracing you and and granted and memorizing the serinity prayer not because you may be an alcoholic, or sex addicts, or depression, maybe even maybe you have be gay bashed molested , I could go on guys I say this to say this I swear to give you my best to listen with open mind no room for judgement as we allay have experienced something in that corner. I would love for you guys to know with me I'm a lyfe coach, couples coach, organizing coach, LGBTQIA friendly, and I aime to build you up mentally that if you have had any doubts in yourself you will then see why pushing through is going to be the best option. Because one day I want you to know you will feel the need to.qant to give back to humanity through it all. Because intuitive I am but I want to know you because. Fi believer that if you want to get to know someone so that you don't go in judging I let's be clear you mostly certainly live in the real world so the world is a part of the universe and we are out here in the line of the sun 🌞 and if it can come out andanage to continue doing what it was set out to do with out any feed back let's be greatful guys let's help build up each other so that the younger generation will follow our lead. Anywho can't wait wait to meet you guys. I know some of my girls gone come

  • Mississippi, United States
  • Certified caregiver
  • Hippa
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