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LeighAnna Morris

Helping those with ADHD or suspected ADHD thrive and apply their positive attributes to their future success.


About LeighAnna

I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 12. My presentation of ADHD was not glaringly obvious, but my mom was a Special Ed teacher and knew the symptoms of the disorder. She began treating me with supplements until we finally got a formal diagnosis and began medication. However, the meds made me tired at the time, so I only took them for a few months. I did not get back on medication until about a year or so after graduating college. 

In 2008 I graduated High School 3rd in a class of 90 students. I received large scholarships toward college where I earned a BS in Psychology in 2011.

I did not have the funds to work on my Master's. So, while trying to make a living and through a series of events, I wound up in the field of accounting where I have been for about 8 years.

I have struggled to find joy in accounting. It came easily to me, but it has a lot of boring tasks, and my brain doesn’t like doing them. ADHD has made my work more difficult than it should be. 

In November 2018 I married my best friend. It is not easy to be married to my ADHD, and he handles it so well. Even though he was recently diagnosed with ADHD as well, our presentations of this disorder are very different.

We share our home with our cat and 2 puppies. We do not have any children yet but hope to in the near future. 

My deepest desire is to help people become the best versions of themselves. To give them the tools and processes to live the life that they deserve. It is so easy to shame ourselves and feel like we are failures with ADHD. My hope is that I can help others with these same feelings learn to show themselves grace, love themselves, and see the good things that can come out of having ADHD.

Research on ADHD is still being done and I am on a crusade to bring about culture change regarding this diagnosis in Abilene, TX, and around the world. 

  • Texas, United States
Who I Help
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