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Wai Mun Huin

"The most important step is the next step"


About Wai Mun

I am currently retired after working for more than twenty years as an IT professional in a Fortune 500 company. My job roles ranged from IT operations to developer, to project manager, scrum master, portfolio manager and people leader. When I retired I was an IT Director leading a team of 80 based in US, India, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia.
I am also a wife and mother, and during my career, juggled full-time work, part-time studies, as well as my family. I took my masters while pregnant, took up an overseas assignment while my child was six months old, and got promoted to a leadership role while starting a family.
As a coach, I can support your leadership development especially in multicultural work environments, help you navigate diversity and inclusion, and balance of work, personal development and family.

  • Singapore
  • ICF Trained
Who I Help
  • Executives