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Rev. Mary Toland Shaw

Bringing more Spirit-filled love into your life and into your relationships


About Rev. Mary Toland

Have you been through some difficult life experiences or loss? Do you want to unearth the beauty that you know is within you? Would you like to see life in a new more spiritual way where you have more empowerment and energy? I'd love to accompany you as you embrace your purpose and vitality and have a higher vibration of love within and mirrored back to you.

I'm Rev. Mary Toland Shaw and it would be my delight to nurture with you a sacred space where you can feel safe to be your most authentic self, to feel heard and cherished, and to connect more deeply with the Divine. I bring 30 years of coaching experience, with a Master's degree in Human Relations, I'm a certified LifeDesigner Coach, a Certified HeartMath Mentor (Resilience Coach), an Ordained Interfaith Minister (through the Alliance of Divine Love), Certified Wellness Practitioner and I'm trained in Healing Touch.

I founded Sacred Relationship back in 2022, as I have a profound calling to help others, like you, rediscover your own sacred essence, the beauty of your soul and to reconnect with your bliss. I'd be honored to connect and see if what I offer can optimally serve your journey.

  • Tennessee, United States