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About Emily

I’m Emily, a neurodivergent affirming coach.

I am here to support you, listen to you, understand you, affirm you and offer tools and research that may help you integrate your experiences, understand your own mind, and find more moments of joy, safety and peace.

Studying wellness enhancing techniques, from a personal and scientific lens, has been my lifelong passion. My PhD work was focused on the psychology of well-being and happiness, and I've had deep training in mindful-compassion based methods for working with the mind and emotions and boosting well-being.

Once I discovered my own neurodivergence, I knew I had to find ways towards wellness that fit my neurodivergent mind. It suddenly all made sense why some of these techniques really helped me, while others left me wondering why they seemed to work for everyone but me. My focus is now on studying and practicing techniques created or curated for neurodivergent minds. I tend to work with late dx or high-masking adults who identify as autistic, ADHD, Audhd, PDA, highly-sensative, or highly anxious.

Neurodivergence can come with a lot to process, and I'm here to help. In our sessions, my role is to be a compassionate support and brainstorming partner for facing the challenges and glimmers of neurodivergent life.

Here are some common topics that come up in this work:

–Understanding the science of neurodivergent wellness
–Accommodating our needs and asking for help from others
–Adjusting to a late neurodivergent diagnosis
–Navigating burnout
–Living a joyful and fulfilling life with a neurodivergent brain

  • New Jersey, United States
  • Karuna Training Contemplative Psychology
  • PHD in Philosophy of Science (Psychology)
  • The School of Reverence
Who I Help
  • ADHD adults
  • Adults with anxiety
  • high masking autistic adults
  • late diagnosed ADHDers
  • Late diagnosed autistic adults
  • Neurodivergent adults