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About Tabitha

Tabitha specializes in working with Women who are feeling lost, frustrated or stuck in their life. They may have dreams that they never get around to or don’t believe they can make happen or going through a transition like becoming an empty nester or retiring. She helps Women explore what it is they would really LOVE. Gaining, clarity and confidence in themselves so that they can break through limitations, accelerate and amplify their results, creating richer, more fulfilling lives. With more joy as they are doing all the things that they really love doing. She supports them in going after their Dreams and BELIEVING that they have the POWER to make unbelievable things happen.

Tabitha believes that we all have the capacity to create a life we absolutely love living and that by helping one person many are helped. Happiness spreads happiness. The more people who create a life they love, in line with their soul purpose the more happiness they will spread to others creating a much happier world that we live in.

Tabitha has been studying and implementing transformational success principles taught by thought leaders like the late Bob Proctor, Mary Morrissey, Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins and many others great leaders for well over 15 years.

  • Canada
  • Certified Life Coach
Who I Help
  • Dream seakers
  • Empty nester women
  • Retired women
  • Women looking to improve their mindset
  • Women looking to increase their joy, happiness and FUN
  • women looking to set and achieve goals
  • Women who are feeling lost, stuck or frustrated and looking to make a change