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Jacqueline Ashley

Your life and leadership are multidimensional. Level up all the aspects of who you are.


About Jacqueline

Leadership begins with how you lead your life. You are a multifaceted person and aspects of that show up in everything you do—at work, at home, everywhere. I can help you optimize your whole-person development and empower your ability to show up at your best each and every day, personally and professionally, despite whatever volatility, uncertainty, complexity, or ambiguity you may face. I've been coaching since 2010 and have coaching experience in entertainment, healthcare, technology, corporate, government, and education. I've worked with clients around the world in Asia, Europe, and North America.

As an executive-leadership coach, my specialties include the following:

Inclusive Leadership & Leadership Development
The 12 Competencies of Emotional Intelligence (EI)
Gallup CliftonStrengths Coaching
Financial Wellness Coaching
Change Management Coaching
Leadership & Personal Sustainability (Anchored on the Eight Dimensions of Wellness)

I operate at the intersection of Leadership, Inclusion, Wellness, Innovation, and Change, and how that integration helps you to be more effective in anything you're doing. I work with high-potential individuals, new or emerging leaders, and executives to achieve clarity, purpose, passion, and build leadership. Moreover, as an advocate of diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging (DEIB), and social justice, I help leaders, especially those belonging to traditionally marginalized groups, level up and lead with courage, as well as those who want to be better allies.

I'm an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, Certified Financial Social Work Coach, Certified Evidence-Based Coach by Fielding Graduate University, and hold a Doctor of Social Work (DSW) degree in Social Change and Innovation from the University of Southern California. I have professional memberships in the Forbes Coaches Council, International Coaching Federation (ICF), and Organization Development Network (OD Network).

Additionally, I'm a Forbes contributor on topics pertaining to leadership, resilience, organizational culture, and DEIB. Last year, I wrote the popular article, "Why Multidimensional Self-Care Is Essential To Better Leadership," for Forbes. My volunteer work includes pro bono coaching for an initiative through the ICF and I provide leadership support to underserved and under-resourced BIPOC populations for the nonprofit, Coaching For Everyone (CFE).

My CliftonStrengths Signature Themes are 1) Deliberative, 2) Learner, 3) Maximizer, 4) Achiever, and 5) Input.

On a personal note, I'm the proud spouse of a USMC service-disabled veteran and we have two children, a cat, and a dog. I'm energized by a love of learning, being creative, social justice, coaching (of course!), nature, physical activities, and being resourceful.

My coaching philosophy: It's a process that empowers each individual through self-awareness, reflection, insight, action toward accomplishing goals, and accountability. I believe that coaching opens the door to possibilities that can be envisioned, explored, and pursued with passion. I want to collaborate with you to find clarity, purpose, and passion by helping you align your values, goals, and priorities, and cultivate authentic and effective leadership. I'll provide structure and tools, and process will be a partnership effort.

My approach uses a design-thinking, strengths-based, and whole-person approach that incorporates evidence-based practices to help you unlock and maximize your potential, leverage your strengths, cultivate innovative thinking, and optimize your well-being. These are my expectations in the coaching relationship: Be considerate in your actions, honest in your feedback, and accountable to your commitments so you can get the most value from the time and effort you will be investing in being coached.

For more information, please visit my company website at You'll be able to find a link there to book a free 30-minute coaching consultation.

  • California, United States
  • Certified Evidence-Based Coach
  • Certified Financial Social Work Coach
  • Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach
  • ICF Professional Certified Coach