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Coach BSO

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About Coach

I enjoy helping young people, particularly entry-level to mid-level professionals, to accelerate their career growth through my unique coaching and mentoring system.

A short story...

I wanted to be a broadcaster when I was a little girl.

I would practise by reading the newspapers to myself in front of the mirror.

That dream drove me to study the arts in school, and then to the law, where I discovered my passion for coaching and mentoring. I eventually became a broadcaster last year with my podcast; the BSO Podcast.

Who says dreams don't come true?

I also enjoy learning and exploring new ideas, and I am not afraid to fail because most of my learnings have come from failure. Indeed, I believe that there are multiple versions of every human being and that we may never meet more than one version of ourselves unless we leave our comfort zone and become comfortable with being uncomfortable.

In my spare time, I volunteer as a mentor with Strictly Law Business Community, the Dear Young Professional (DYP) Network, and the Gemstone Leadership Network's Career and Leadership Forums.

Reach out to me at [email protected] if you are a young or mid-level professional who desires to accelerate their career growth.

  • Nigeria
  • Maxwell Leadership Certified Team
Who I Help
  • Entry Level Professionals
  • Mid-Level Professionals