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About Enekpen

Founder of The Beauty of I, Enekpen is a Women's Health and Style Coach expert in body image. Helping women juggling hurdles of work and family, navigate the ebbs and flow of self worth, mirror moments or lingering effects of IPV when returning to or rebuilding a personal brand or business. She is helping position midlife women for promotions. Holding space for a gentle approach to visually expressing who you are in business, as you compassionately connect and share your credibility.

From marketing communications for corporate clients, downplaying who I was, just to fit in, for the past 20+ years - to recognising my true identity through Christ and learning to love myself, mistakes, faults and all - to speaking out and up powerfully for my daughter when stakes were high and in spite of the assumptions being placed on me - to now styling the voices of women, their bodies and their personal brands, so they can courageously and confidently go and inspire others. I am now supporting those afraid to stand out comfortably in their own skin, in efforts to motivate and inspire others and make real positive change.

Your clothes are a powerful and advantageous tool, to use at your disposal when communicating in your market. Yes you can orchestrate how you choose to be perceived with a personal brand but the key with our residencies is your self-image and how compassionate you are to you. If you are open to the personal development and making subtle change, the results become this business strategy to reposition yourself in any market or lifestyle with comfort.

And why it's my goal to help you understand the power of style and express the person inside of your brand or business to create connections that run far deeper and beyond the internet.

  • United Kingdom
  • Certified Style Coach
  • Graduate London College of Style
  • Trained Image Consultant
Who I Help
  • Careerists
  • Midlifers
  • Mothers
  • Personal Brands
  • Service-led Providers
  • Women