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Jonas Kalinauskas

Inspire change in relationship with food


About Jonas

My journey with WILDFIT started in 2019 when I “achieved” my record weight (100kg) and had energy for laying on the couch only. I figured that I need a change in my eating habits, but I already tried many diets before and nothing stuck.

So, on my birthday in 2019, I asked my friends and family for a specific gift – WILDFIT 90-day challenge. Because I kept reading about it and didn’t dare start.
I felt that it’s time to act, because I was not satisfied with myself, according to BMI – in obesity zone. My doctor warned me that blood pressure is close to hypertension 😱.

So, I started! Without telling anybody. Few months later, not to mention that I started to feel better myself, started to get compliments from those around me “got thin?”, “you look much younger”, “your skin is glowing”, “what are you doing?” – people ask.

I just told -“I’m on a little challenge”, although there is a lot of joy and self-esteem inside! Not only do I feel the change – but others see it too!
After completing the challenge in February 2020, I lost 17kg – seventeen kilograms, had to punch extra holes in the belt, bought new clothes, my headaches were gone, I lost the desire to eat non-functional food, felt super good and had a clear vision of how to live on.

Today, the same -17kg (and another 2-3kg dropped) WILDFIT has become my lifestyle, and I know all struggles that can get in the way to a healthier life.

So, I had to share it with other people by becoming a WILDFIT coach.

My goal as a coach is to spread WILDFIT in Lithuania, so I’m coaching in Lithuanian – English knowledge is not a required. Laikas pradėti!

See you in a class! :)

  • Lithuania
  • WILDFIT Coach
Who I Help
  • People who struggle with diets
  • Want to get more energy